Several years ago, the Ferndale Downtown Development and students from the Cranbrook Art Academy teamed up to bring functional art to the sidewalks of the district. “The Bus Stops Here” is a collection of bus stop seating options that are unparalleled in form, function and funkability. Charged with the task of creating outdoor, sustainable, moderately comfortable seating for public transit users, students exceeded expectations by building seating that not is not only a great place to rest but a place to jumpstart a daydream.

The Bus Stops Here: Form Meets Function on the Sidewalks of Downtown Ferndale. Bus Stops Here Brochure

Bridge Bench

Bridge Bench by John Truex
Find it on the north side of West Nine, near pedestrian alley.

Twin Benches

Twin by Yu-Chich Hsiao
(Currently off the street. Find its twin on north side of West Nine.)

Flight Path

Flight Path by Shan Sutherland
Find it on north side of West Nine, just east of Livernois


Edgy by Jada Schumacher
Find it on southbound Woodard, at Maplehurst.

Yummy Concrete

Yummy Concrete by Jada Schumacher
Find it on Southbound Woodward, in front of Dunkin’ Donuts.