The Art of the Cocktail 2016:  Winner Jade Cole

Congratulations to Jade Cole of Howe’s Bayou, winner of the Art of the Cocktail 2016 and her winning creation, The Zydeco!

1.5 oz Valentine White Blossom

1 oz lemon juice

.5 oz simple syrup

Splash of soda

Teaspoon of blueberry mint jam*

*1 part simple syrup, 1 part mint, 2 parts blueberry muddled really well to make a quick jelly/jam-like consistency

And congratulations and thank you to all of our extraordinary bartenders:

  • Go Comedy = Samantha Sage
  • Dino’s Lounge = Danielle “Dani” Wilson
  • GreenSpace Café = Robert Daleski
  • Howe’s Bayou = Jade Cole
  • PORT = Emily DeBias
  • Public House = Roger Fruin
  • The Oakland = Becca Weber
  • The Bosco = Lisa Thaqi

The Art of the Cocktail, a fundraiser for public art in Downtown Ferndale will return for the fourth year in June 2017!