There are several programs we will be implementing before and during the construction of The dot. We want to be sure we are helping provide resources and opportunities that support your business.


The City of Ferndale and the Ferndale DDA are currently working with private property owners to utilize parking lots around the downtown for additional parking. Incentive programs for those that choose to use the lot are being developed to encourage a slightly longer than normal walk.

For information about all Downtown Ferndale parking lots, check out ParkFerndale here.


We’re exploring options to make it easy to drop your car off and avoid having to look for a parking space yourself by providing valet services through Star Trax Valet. The valet will be ideal for customers who need to make a shopping trip, grab a bit to eat, or get your hair styled.  Employees are encouraged to take advantage of the service, too!

Location: In the Withington Lot by the pedestrian alley that cuts through to W Nine Mile Rd (see map insert – click on the insert to enlarge)

Hours of Operation: Friday & Saturday from 4pm-9pm

Cost: Free


We encourage visitors to also consider using a ride-sharing service to visit our downtown.  Convenient drop-off and pick-up locations are able to be viewed on this map.


While we know people will still want to drive their cars to downtown Ferndale – and we will make this as easy as possible for them  – however, we also want to encourage other forms of transportation options. This includes accessible bicycle and pedestrian friendly access. There are numerous bicycle racks for safe storage around downtown and additional temporary bicycle parking areas will be provided during special events. Our sidewalks are accommodating and ADA accessible for pedestrian use and we will be incorporating some fun games and signage throughout construction to keep things interesting.


Downtown Ferndale is a SMART bus thoroughfare and features several stops along Woodward Ave and Nine Mile Rd.  We encourage you to check out their website and find a transportation schedule and option that works for you (just click on their logo to go to their website).